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Welcome to new health clinic

new health is an acronym for

NUTRITIONAL-assessing the diet and the need for vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids

ENVIRONMENTAL-explore factors that influence  your health eg diet, exercise, mind, spirit, air, radiation, toxins, occupation, chemicals, moulds, stress etc

WHOLE-look at the issue or the individual as a whole—body, mind, spirit and how for example  the issues  of the gut affect the mind and vice versa where stress and emotional issues affect the gut.

New Health Clinic is located in Kew and North Melbourne

The Kew Clinic  is open on Tuesday , Wednesday , Friday  and some Saturdays. Closed on Monday.

North Melbourne is open on Thursday.

New Health clinic visits are only by appointment. 

Please call if picking up supplements as our opening hours may vary depending on appointments.

 During the Summer months of January and February, our office hours and days of operation will be reduced.

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